Energizing your transportation with NWES

Install an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment or EV Charger as we like to call it with Northwest Electric and Solar for quality end-to-end service. We can provide the best charger for you and install it to best suit your needs.

With an EV charging station, you’ll get the most out of your electric transportation with convenient and cost-effective charging from home, your business, or a multi-unit building. Property owners and HOAs can utilize EV charging stations to serve better site visitors that own electric vehicles by providing the means to fuel up.

Your EV Charging Options


Install a level 2 charger to conveniently and discreetly charge at home. We will hardwire a level 2 charger to provide the safest, fastest, and highest quality of charge for homeowners. We can also install 240v plugs if you want to have a modular option for your charging needs.


Provide customers and employees with EV charging stations at your workplace for a convenient charging experience. If you are a small business hooking up your first EV charging station or an office building, we’ll install chargers that maximize your electrical capacity to meet your needs. 

Multi-unit Buildings

Providing a means to charge potential tenants EV will be an amenity that makes you stand out from the competition. With our power-sharing selection of EV chargers we can install an EV charging system that maximizes your electrical capacity. 

Property Owners and HOAs

Properties with EV charging qualify for sustainable credits for certifications like LEED. Having EV charging stations in your community will help prepare everyone for the growing electrification of our transportation systems.

NWES Preferred EV Chargers

We’ll install Tesla’s proprietary chargers, and after careful consideration, we choose SemaConnect for non-Tesla EVs. They provide high-quality charging speeds and have residential and business options.


SemaConnect chargers offer Smart EV Charging Stations for your home, multifamily units, and retail locations.

Providing a robust load management capability means that you can deliver high-quality charging regardless of your electrical capacity. Manage how power is shared across a group of chargers and select from multiple sharing methods to best fit your needs.

The Series 4 charging stations allow maximum power delivery at 37 miles per hour of charge to ensure your vehicle is ready to go when charging at home.

The Series 5 is designed for apartments and condominiums. Provide your tenants with a personal charging experience with one charging station per driver with dedicated parking.

The Series 8 – Retail EV Charging Station is designed for credit card payment to make it easier for EV drivers to visit and charge at your stores. No membership is required to charge your vehicle with Sema Connect!


The Wall Connector is your most convenient solution to charge your Tesla at home, workplace, business, and properties.

Wall Connectors can provide up to 44 miles per hour of charging and can be installed inside or outdoors. An automatic power-share option maximizes the existing electrical capacity and distributes power to charge multiple cars simultaneously.

Already Have A Charger?

If you already have a charger that came with your EV or picked one out ahead of time, we can install that for you, whether it’s hard wiring into your panel or through a 240v outlet!

Steps For Getting An EV Quote For Your Home or Business

Partnering with NWES means that we will help you find the best charging solution for your home in a few simple steps

Choose Your Charger

Of course, if you have a Tesla, we can get a Wall Connector for you. If not, the SemaConnect is our preferred charger which we recommend to provide your EV with a premium charge. If you already have a charger, we can install it to best fit your needs, either hard wiring into your panel for maximum power or a 240v outlet that will allow you to replace and remove the charger with ease. 

Get Your Quote

Fill out a short form and we’ll send you a free quote. With just a few photos we’re often able to give you an estimate quickly and without a site visit. Our mobile-friendly Kopperfield form streamlines the process and makes it easy for you to show us where you’d like your EV charger installed. For more complex situations we’ll reach out to schedule a free site visit.

Multi-Units and HOAs

The SemaConnect chargers are designed for commercial and public applications. Your workplace, multi-unit building, hospitality, retail, and public space can all be places where tenants, friends, families, and community members can all charge their EVs!

SemaConnect offers a flexible solution for multiple users and groups with its ability to set hourly rates.

Depending on the size of your commercial building, you may be able to complete our form online and get a quote within a few days. If you have a large commercial site please contact us directly by calling our office or submitting a general contact form.

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