Washingtons Newest Backup Solution

As grid failure becomes more prevalent across Washington, homeowners seek battery energy storage solutions to ensure the lights stay on and! With Time-of-Use (TOU) pilots introduced to major utilities in Western Washington, batteries will provide a source of cost savings and security never seen before in Washington. Now, with Powershare, homeowners can utilize the tremendous electric batteries in their electric vehicles (EVs) to back up their homes for days, saving money and ensuring no interruptions to our PNW lifestyles!

What is Powershare?

Powershare is Tesla’s newest EV feature, available now to all Cybertruck owners. Powershare unlocks the large EV batteries in the Cybertrucks to back up your Home’s energy, charge other EVs, or work as a mobile workstation for power tools and electronics.

Tesla Cybertruck features Powershare technology, equipped with onboard electronics that unleash your battery’s capability to supply power whenever and wherever needed. Whether it’s for a construction site, pre-game tailgate, another electric vehicle, or even your Home during an outage, your Tesla vehicle with Powershare has got you covered.

What is V2G technology?

Tesla Powershare’s Vehicle2Grid (V2G) technology represents a groundbreaking advancement in energy management. By allowing electric vehicles to draw power from the grid and feed energy back into it, V2G significantly enhances grid stability and resilience. This innovation ensures a more reliable energy supply, reduces reliance on traditional power sources, and supports the integration of renewable energy. With Powershare, Tesla owners can optimize their energy usage, contribute to a sustainable future, and enjoy the benefits of a smart, interconnected energy ecosystem.

How do you get Powershare for your home?

Currently, the only way to get Powershare equipment is to purchase a Foundation Series Cybertruck. In addition to cabin and cargo bed power outlets, all Foundation Series Cybertruck owners will receive a Powershare Mobile Connector and may be eligible to receive Powershare Home Backup hardware (Universal Wall Connector and Powershare Gateway).

Within a few weeks of you placing your Foundation Series Cybertruck order, here’s what you can expect:

Tesla will email you a $2,500 Tesla Shop voucher and instructions for coordinating with a Tesla Certified Installer to install your Powershare Home Backup equipment. 

Contact Northwest Electric and Solar, Washingtons Premier Certified Tesla Installer to assess your home and provide a quote.

Once you have signed an installation agreement with Northwest Electric and Solar, we will take care of scheduling and coordinating equipment, permits, installation, and inspection.

Enjoy your V2G backup system and look forward to living with uninterrupted energy flow for your home!

What is Whole-home Backup?


Provides power to the entire Home, ensuring all appliances and systems continue to operate during a power outage.


Requires larger battery capacity to support the full load of the household, which includes high-demand appliances like HVAC systems, water heaters, and kitchen appliances.


Generally more expensive due to the need for more extensive battery storage and potentially larger inverters.


Offers seamless transition during outages, maintaining normal home operations without needing to manage which devices are powered.

What is Partial Backup?


Powers only essential circuits and critical loads such as lights, refrigeration, communication devices, and medical equipment.


Requires smaller battery capacity as it supports only selected essential appliances, reducing overall cost.


More affordable due to reduced battery storage needs and smaller inverters.


May require manual or automated switching to ensure that only essential devices are powered during an outage.

Powershare and V2G FAQ

  • What is Tesla Powershare?

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    Tesla Powershare is a feature that enables electric vehicles to share stored energy with the power grid, enhancing grid stability and supporting the use of renewable energy sources.

  • How does Vehicle2Grid (V2G) technology work?

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    V2G technology allows electric vehicles to draw power from and supply power back to the grid. This two-way energy flow helps balance supply and demand, making the grid more efficient and reliable.

  • Why is V2G necessary for the energy grid?

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    V2G is essential because it helps stabilize the grid by providing additional power during peak demand times and storing excess energy when there is low demand. This reduces the need for traditional power plants and supports the integration of renewable energy sources.

  • Can I use V2G with my Tesla vehicle?

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    Yes, Tesla vehicles equipped with Powershare technology can participate in V2G, allowing you to contribute to grid stability and potentially save on energy costs.

  • Can I use Powershare with my non-Tesla Vehicle?

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    Currently, only approved Tesla vehicles equipped with Powershare technology can participate in V2G. Non-Tesla EVs that allow V2G technology is the Ford Lightning.

  • How does V2G benefit Tesla vehicle owners?

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    V2G benefits Tesla Cybertruck owners by allowing them to utilize the EVs’ battery capacity to back up their homes when the grid goes down. A Powerwall 3’s capacity is 13.5kWh, while a Cybertruck’s EV battery capacity is 123kWh, allowing for 10x more battery backup storage.

  • Is V2G safe for my vehicle's battery?

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    Yes, Tesla has designed V2G technology to ensure safe and efficient energy transfer with minimal impact on battery life and performance.