Working in the Renewable Energy Field

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working in renewable energy is meeting many great people along the way. Whether they are curious, potential clients, community advocates, or competitors, those interested in solar are a unique – and growing – group of people who see the benefit of investing in a cleaner future.

Stewarding the Energy Revolution

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology is the fastest growing source of electricity generation worldwide. The solar industry has grown 33% annually in the US for the last ten years. And, through Washington’s Net-Metering Program, homeowners and businesses have used solar to save money, reduce emissions, and future-proof their homes. 

Our experienced solar installers have brought over 6 Megawatts of solar to homes throughout Washington. We need more workers to reach our goal of 4 Megawatts of solar installed in 2023. Want to join us as we steward the renewable energy revolution? Read on to learn about our fast track to making you a professional solar worker.


Certifications are vital to standardizing our quality of work while empowering our fellow workers to be confident and connected to their work.


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is the established 3rd party organization for renewable energy certifications. As an employee of NWES, we pay for your NABCEP testing and exam preparation in exchange for a committed work timeline.

Solar Energy International

SEI is a Colorado-based non-profit solar energy training organization. We pay for your course to learn the fundamentals of solar PV and Battery Backup systems and to prepare for the NABCEP exams so you can be an accredited energy installer.

Equipment Training

It is essential to understand how to use the equipment we’ve selected to meet our customer’s needs and expectations about working with NWES. That is why we have all of our installers undergo training to install the equipment correctly and effectively.


As a certified Tesla Installer, we have access to hundreds of hours of training for their products, including Solar Roofs, Powerwall, and EV Wall connectors.


We install Enphase Microinverter solar PV and Enphase battery storage systems. Training is required to install Enphase products, so we provide you with time in the office and at home.


It is a smart panel solution that replaces your existing electrical panel. With Span, customers will be able to manage their usage and integrate solar and battery with ease.


IronRidge rail is our tried and true racking system solution for rooftop solar installations. Learn how to install solar panels efficiently and safely through their online training program.

Open Positions

Start your career in clean energy today! NW Electric & Solar is currently hiring for the following positions:

Residential/Solar Journey Electrician

Residential Electrical Apprentice

Solar Installer Apprentice

Solar Sales Person

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