Energizing your future

Solar has grown at an average of 33% per year over the last decade in the US. Washington state continues expanding its solar capacity in the energy mix because of homeowners and businesses like you!

It is a part of the NWES mission to provide the highest quality solar installations paired with top-of-the-line customer service and technology. We hope you find the values we uphold align with yours as we create a more sustainable and equitable future through solar energy and how we choose to electrify our lives.

The benefits of solar energy

With today’s tested, reliable and long-lasting solar panels combined with latest technology optimizers and inverters, you can make an immediate difference by harnessing the sun’s power turning it into electricity to run your home or business.

Solar Saves You Money

The solar system you own generates electricity that you would otherwise buy from your utility. Solar reduces your electric bill significantly. The savings increase over time as the cost of your utility electricity goes up.

Solar Is Clean Energy

The fuel is sunshine. With no moving parts to break, solar is low maintenance. You can take action to address climate change and save the environment by generating your own clean electricity. You are helping your community.

Incentives Help You Earn Back Your Cost

Incentives are based on installation date; future incentives will be lower than they are today. Learn about the federal, state and utility incentives here.

Solar Is Long Lasting

Solar panels will produce power for 25, 30, 35 or more years.

Solar Increases Your Property Value and Resale Price

Properties with solar systems sell more quickly than those without. Benefits of going solar are passed to the next owner.

Solar Works In Washington State

Whether you are located east or west of the mountains, a solar system will work well if you receive direct sun for at least six hours a day year-round. The ideal location is a sunny south-facing roof shaded by tall trees or other buildings. In Western Washington, cooler temperatures mean that solar panels operate more efficiently than in higher temps. Rain and snow naturally clean panels regularly. Long sunny summer days significantly increase solar output.

Solar incentives

Review our Federal, Utility and State level incentives on our solar incentives page! Find the tax forms required to register for the tax credits and dive into how Net Metering works!

Working with Northwest Electric and Solar

When you hire Northwest Electric and Solar, you can rest assured your system will be installed by an expert, experienced, professional and diligent solar panel installation team in Washington State. A licensed journeyman electrician (with specialized solar training) leads the crew in Washington State which includes one or two electrical apprentices in each solar installation team.

We use the latest software, tools and methods to accurately assess your site and recommend the best options according to your needs and goals.

Your solar equipment is installed safely to meet electric and building codes as well as utility requirements.

All costs are included in a single price. There are no added fees. Price includes permits, utility approvals and fees, registration fees, etc.

NWES stands by its work with the best warranty in the industry, covering workmanship, replacement, and production.

NWES is local. Your money stays in state, in the local community, supporting local jobs in manufacturing, supply chain and installation.

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