Solar Energy Equipment

NWES selects the highest quality components to pair with our expert craft. We have carefully chosen these brands of solar panels, inverters, and related solar energy equipment. Our Washington State solar energy company will design your solar system to match your unique project and site best. Read on to learn about solar energy equipment.

Custom Solar Module Selection

Northwest Electric and Solar can install any solar panel (also known as solar modules or PV modules) that has caught your eye! Using our remote design software Aurora Solar, we can input whichever solar module and design an array for you with accurate energy generation and panel characteristics taken into account.

Solar Inverters

Solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity; however, most homes run on alternating current (AC) electricity. So inverters are required to turn that DC electricity into AC so you can use the clean energy generated by the sun at home. Solar inverters also optimize energy production and provide access to module-level monitoring. Continue reading to learn about this technology, the products we use, and how you’ll be able to read and understand your solar energy systems production monitoring platform!

Solar Racking and Attachment

For a long-lasting and safe Washington solar energy system installation, we must physically attach the system components to the underlying structure, which can be on the roof of a home or into the ground in a field. We’ll cover the racking and attachment technologies we use and the corresponding technology for each solar energy system application.

Solar Balance of Systems

Balance of Systems (BOS) components for solar energy systems encompass the various auxiliary components necessary for the efficient operation of a solar PV system. BOS components include safety equipment such as disconnect switches and critical load panels. These components are crucial for ensuring system reliability and maintaining safety standards in solar energy installations

Maintenance By NWES

Our Washington State solar energy company will come out twice yearly to perform routine maintenance on your solar PV array. Maintenance includes

  • Cleaning of all modules
  • Inspection of all electrical wiring and connections
  • Examination of any damage or corrosion to all array components
  • Documentation of system output
  • Inspection of any new vegetation or obstacles that could affect system performance

Annual Maintenance Subscription

For $1000 annually, the NWES crew will come out twice a year and clean your solar panels and inspect the solar system.

Price does not include sales tax which must be added based on location.