Expert custom electrical work

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that meet your needs. It’s our mission to install the highest quality electrical equipment, lighting, and outlets. Paired with our top-of-the-line customer service, we want you to feel taken care of and that we have your best interest as our number one priority.

Standards we uphold through:

Northwest Electric and Solar Electricians have the skills and experience to electrify your home and business to fit your needs.

A skilled workforce

Journey-level and apprentice electricians undergo four to five years of training in the field and classroom to stay on top of the best practices and keep to code, always.

A commitment to quality

Journey-level electrician on-site for every job to keep to code and ensure quality training of apprentices and proper completion of work.

Community engagement

We seek to connect and improve relationships with customers, contractors, and inspectors to keep improving our craftsmanship and bring a better experience to you!

Light up your world

Customized lighting installs by our skilled electricians will brighten your day and set the mood right for the special occasions in your life.

Custom fixtures, recessed can lights

Backlit cabinets, bars, LED strip lighting

Dimming switches

Service work we are happy to provide

We are proud to offer our top-of-the-line services in installing the equipment necessary to power and run your home efficiently and conveniently.

Panel changes and service upgrades to get the power you need to energize your home

Generators, batteries, and backup switches, so you are good to go during a grid outage

New construction wiring and outlets to set your home electrical system right from the start

Power over how you use, generate and store electricity

Customizable battery backup

Span lets you get battery backup without needing to down-select to only critical loads – you control and prioritize what’s most important to keep powered.

Smart monitoring & controls

Span makes it simpler to manage home energy by bringing you insights for solar, batteries, EVs, and individual home loads all in one place.

Streamlined modern design

Span brings you the latest technology advancements for clean energy adoption with a streamlined, modern design for your home.