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Northwest Electric and Solar is dedicated to enabling Washington residents to take charge of their energy journey. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge renewable energy technologies. By integrating these forward-thinking solutions and our expertise in electrical contracting, we aim to forge a sustainable future. Our goal is to empower residents to responsibly manage their electricity usage, generation, and storage, ensuring a more reliable power supply and increased independence from the grid. We are committed to serving customers prepared to meet tomorrow’s energy demands.

Our Mission

Northwest Electric and Solar is committed to empowering individuals in Washington to seize control of their energy journey by harnessing the latest renewable energy technologies. By deploying these innovative solutions, we strive to build a sustainable future where residents can responsibly manage their electricity usage, generation, and storage. We deliver more reliable power and greater independence from the grid to customers ready to meet tomorrow’s energy demands.


Local Involvement

Build on the strong relationships we’ve developed and the reputation we’ve earned to foster wider adoption of sustainable technologies.


We ranked the #1 Solar and Energy Storage Contractor in the state of Washington for back-to-back years.


We provide a no-pressure sales process designed to ensure you receive a system that meets your needs/goals.

Continuous Improvement

Adopting new technologies and applying best practices to advance industry development


We actively train and coach our entire company, from sales and office staff to our installation team, to deliver the best possible customer experience.


The energy industry constantly changes due to external factors like new laws, geopolitical conflicts, or technological disruptions. We are buckled in and ready to ride on the solar coaster for as long as we need to as we push for electrification.

Our Vision

When we accomplish our mission, we will live in an interconnected and energy-abundant Washington State community that operates on carbon-free electricity—setting the example for other states and countries to follow as we combat the climate crisis that affects all of us and our future generations.