The Cost Of Driving On Electricity vs. Gas

With the 2030 goal of 50% of new car sales going to EVs, will homeowners save money now switching to electric-powered vehicles?

View of Lake Sammamish from I-90

Driving Across The State In Your EV

Over 50,520 registered EVs in Washington. Learn how to manage your battery capacity and best plan a drive across Washington in your EV!

Solar, home battery and EV to home energy systems

Power Your Home With Your Car!

EV batteries will soon be able to back up your home, worksite, and more. Learn how this technology works and its effects on our grid system!

NWES Tesla charging at the Kenmore office on a grey Washington day.

EV Charging At Your Home

With EVs becoming more commonplace on American roads and homes, finding the optimal way to charge them will ensure you have the best experience driving your EV.

Seattle residential homes with solar!

Recycling Solar Panels in Washington

As the solar industry in North America enters its third decade of massive growth, what will become of old solar panels? NWES has partnered with Living Green Technologies to find a channel for the recycling of old solar panels to close the loop on this burgeoning industry.

How To Clean Your Solar Array

Suppose you have been checking your solar PV systems monitoring and noticed a drop in production on days that should be generating electricity. In that case, it means that it might be time to clean your solar array. 

Maintaining your Solar Array

The long-term nature of the solar energy generating equipment has homeowners wondering how to maintain this new investment best? Find out how to keep your solar equipment at its best in this blog!

Floor stack of five Powerwall 2 and two Backup Gateways

Pairing Solar with Battery Storage

Create a small microgrid for your home by pairing solar and battery storage, more autonomy for your home using clean energy!

Redwood Materials Recycling

Recycling old electronics to generate a sustainable supply chain of resources for battery technology, Redwood Materials is breaking ground in closing the loop on resources for the tech of the future.

PSE’s Proposal To Increase Electricity Rates

PSE has submitted a proposal to increase electricity rates by 12.9% in February. A signal of change that many utility companies will be taking to cover costs as electricity demand grows.

Return Of The Seattle Home Show

This year saw the return of the Seattle Home and Garden Show! After two years of Washington homeowners leaving to find inspiration online, we were all able to enjoy the in-person event through presentations, booths, and engaging conversations.

Steps To Go Solar

When we combine Aurora’s accurate remote site analysis with a customer’s utility bill, we can confidently design and quote systems from our office.

How Solar Works

When you go solar, you get a new utility net meter that measures electricity in two directions, power from the utility as well as the power sent to the utility.

Creating Community Connections

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Redmond whose work improves the bodies, minds, and spirits of  children and adults with disabilities through equine-assisted therapies and activities.

Northshore Utility District Goes Solar

Northwest Electric and Solar was hired to install this 66.03kWDC system at Northshore Utility District in Kenmore. It consists of 186 Itek 355 watt Made In Washington Solar Modules, 93 SolarEdge Optimizers, and 2 SolarEdge inverters. It is expected to generate roughly 70.5 megawatt hours per year (70.5 MWh/yr) which could save NSUD over $7,000/yr on their utility bills.

Lending Institution For Green Projects

Statewide credit unions specialize in zero-down solar loans. Financing is readily available from these institutions who specialize in solar, energy efficiency and EV loans for residential and commercial projects. You can fill out the loan application online. We will provide you with needed technical details. Upon your approval, they can send your down-payment directly to us. Secure online signatures are used.

Solar Institutions in Washington State

NWES has long been a top-level sponsor of the annual Solar Summit in recent years that brings together stakeholders including manufacturers, installers, utilities, municipalities, legislators/policy makers, educators, students, tribal members, advocacy organizations, nonprofits, distributors, engineers, financial lenders and consultants to share ideas and plans for the future of solar in Washington state.

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