We are here to electrify our world, together

Northwest Electric and Solar LLC is a full-service Washington State commercial and residential electrical contracting company focusing on clean energy, including solar photovoltaic (PV), energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and energy efficiency. Partnering with homeowners, commercial businesses, and communities, we can make a difference one install at a time.

Our Mission

Northwest Electric and Solar’s mission is to modernize Washington State’s electrical infrastructure. Deploying renewable energy technologies to build a sustainable future where we control how we use, generate, and store our electricity.




Local Involvement

Build on the strong relationships we’ve developed and the reputation we’ve earned to foster wider adoption of sustainable technologies.


Ranked the #1 Solar and Energy Storage Contractor in the state of Washington for back-to-back years.


We provide a no-pressure sales process designed to ensure you receive a system that meets your needs/goals.


Adopting new technologies and applying best practices to advance industry development


We actively train and coach our entire company, from sales and office staff to our installation team, to deliver the best possible customer experience.


The energy industry constantly changes due to external factors like new laws, geopolitical conflicts, or technological disruptions. We are buckled in and ready to ride on the solar coaster for as long as we need to as we push for electrification.

Our Vision

When we accomplish our mission, we will see an interconnected and energy-abundant Washington State community that operates on carbon-free electricity—setting the example for other states and countries to follow as we combat the climate crisis that affects all of us and our future generations.

Meet the family

Owner CEO and Master Electrician Derek started the company in 2011, using a decade of electrical experience with commercial and residential firms. Responsible for setting the standard of excellence here at NWES, ensuring that our teams build systems better than “to code” by using the best, not simply adequate, methods and products in all our projects. Derek has built strong relationships with the local jurisdictions and utilities, not one to sit back and wait for the industry to keep up with where he thinks it should be. He’s held multiple classes at our offices, teaching inspectors and utility professionals about the latest advances in technology, particularly his knowledge of the interconnection of Tesla’s Powerwall battery system.

Meet the NWES Team

We all live in Washington State; we are here to make it better than when we found it and share our success with you, our neighbors, friends, and family. Get to know who you might be working with and who will help electrify your world!

Alyssa Sprague

Office Manager

Cheryl Sorensen


Jeramy Harstad

Office Administrator

Ian Robinson

Energy Program Manager

Josh Peck

Energy Project Manager

Giancarlo Angulo

Energy Project Manager

Teemu Karvonen

Energy Field Manager

Manuel Larrain

Marketing Operations Manager

Sam Smith

Energy Sales Manager

Adam Stryker

Residential Manager

Alex Sheridan

Warehouse Manager

Dane Lennon

Solar Sales

Michael Rostad

Lead Solar Installer

Cameron Smith

Lead Service Electrician

Evie Junior

Residential Electrician

Jeff Laszewski

Service Manager

Shaun Washington

Lead Service Electrician

David Ramirez

Lead Solar Installer

Steve Cole

Lead Solar Installer

Jeremy Voss

Lead Residential Electrician

Jonathan "JP" Palacios

Solar Sales

Travis Peterson

Electrical Apprentice

Ari Munkhbat

Service Journeyman

Rob Holzinger

Lead Service Electrician

Parker Fitzhugh

Residential Apprentice

Max Usen

Energy Field Service Technician

Xander Olsen

Residential Apprentice

Ian Crilly

02 Service Journey-level Electrician

Anton Bingham

Energy Apprentice

Isaiah Hinojosa

Residential Apprentice

Cameron Rowley

Energy Foreman

Paul Brunt

Energy Apprentice

Blake Berlin

Energy Apprentice

Theo Frare-Davis

Solar Sales

Ian Pope

Site Surveyor

Jacob Field

EVC Project Manager

Reid Smith

Energy Apprentice

Ian Vautrin

Energy Apprentices

Justin Jackson

Energy Apprentice

Will Wilson

Residential Apprentice

Jaime Sanchez

Solar Apprentice

Jon Madsen

Warehouse Assistant

Denis Vasilyuk

Solar Apprentice

Ron Ledesma

Residential Journeyman

Pets of NWES

NWES Bulldog Olaf










About the Office

Exemplifying an all-electric building that runs on solar energy, our Kenmore office features solar PV systems on the roofs of the main office and the energy office. We have three EVs regularly at the shop, two Teslas and one Rivian. LED lighting, ductless heat pump, and polished concrete floor keep our energy use low, allowing for maximized usage of the solar energy we generate on-site.

If you drive an EV, we invite you to come by our shop and charge up on solar energy! While you wait, you can meet the team and the office pets and have a freshly brewed coffee or tea! If you are reading this during the day, you can see how much solar energy our office produces in real time! Look at our energy production monitoring by clicking on the button below.

Community Affiliations

Utility Affiliations

Northwest Electric and Solar have installed hundreds of projects across the region, meeting all utility standards and requirements, resulting in hundreds of satisfied customers. Each utility offers special incentives for electric vehicle charging, energy efficiency upgrades, solar panels (solar energy), battery storage, or other types of electrical improvements. Please explore your utility’s web pages to learn more. You can count on Northwest Electric and Solar’s expert electricians to get your job designed, permitted, and inspected.