Tesla Solar Roof Table of Contents

Tesla's Number One Installer

Northwest Electric and Solar as an established Tesla Solar subcontractor, is now offering the newest home solar solution from Tesla, the highly anticipated Solar Roof. Tesla Solar Roof allows roofing and solar energy systems to blend into one seamless experience, offering all the benefits of traditional PV modules without sacrificing aesthetics. We are partnered with State Roofing to deliver this sublime solar solution to your home today.

Why Choose Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla Solar Roof is the ideal solution if you pursue solar energy and need a new roof. Also, if aesthetics are a concern and if you have obstructions on your roof that reduce the usable footprint of traditional solar PV modules, then Tesla Solar Roof is the solution for you!

Solar Roof tiles are the best way to maximize your roof space for solar energy generation and lower utility bills. Insulate yourself from increased electricity costs if you anticipate a higher usage from the electrification of home appliances and electric vehicles charging from home.

If you are not planning on reroofing for another 10+ years and like how traditional solar modules look (we sure do!), you are in luck! We are a certified Tesla Solar Panel installer; request a bid today to find the best solar solution for you and your home.


Beautiful, Resilient, and Flexible

The energized solar tiles on your roof will blend with the non-solar tiles to create a sleek, seamless appearance that traditional PV modules cannot match. With better durability than conventional tile and concrete tiles roofs, you will have a solid, stunning roof with a 25-year energy production warranty.

Getting Started On Your Tesla Solar Journey

The process of getting a Tesla Solar Roof follows that of traditional solar PV quite closely, with a few differences in how your roof is qualified for a Tesla Solar Roof installation. To get started, we’ll need the following information. Additionally, our team may reach out to discuss your project and goals further.

Electricity Usage

At least one month’s electrical utility bill. The more information you can provide us with here, the more we can fine-tune a system to your specific needs

Site Address

With your home address, we can begin to assess the case for solar and whether you have optimal roof spaces for solar energy production.


What are your goals and motivation for wanting to generate your own electricity? Do you expect more electricity usage in the future from electric vehicles? Do you want to offset the usage of new electrical appliances? Do you want to reduce your reliance on the grid for energy?

Tesla Roof In the PNW

Tesla Solar Roof is an exciting new product beginning its journey in the Pacific Northwest. As we advance with Tesla Solar Roof, you can expect our top-of-the-line customer service to help bring this bleeding-edge technology to your home as smoothly as the very Tesla Solar Roof tiles installed on your home. Click below to submit a form to get your solar journey started!

Zero-Down Low-Cost Loans Are Available

Local credit unions offer special low-rate loans for solar energy, battery backup, energy efficiency, electric vehicle, EV chargers, and more—fast approval with online application and electronic signing. You get the lowest rate (depending on your credit score) because NWES is an approved solar panel installer in Washington State. Loan terms are between borrower and lender. Check out our Lending Institution For Green Projects article to learn more!