Our Commitment to Code and Site Prep

All work performed by NWES shall comply with current regulations outlined in the National Electrical Code (NEC) and all state and local regulations.

When signing an agreement, the Customer authorizes Northwest Electric and Solar to make site preparations such as drilling holes, driving nails, making attachments, cutting sheetrock and concrete, and trenching. NWES will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or delay due to causes beyond our control or level of expertise, including, but not limited to, drywall patching and concrete coring.


Quality That Lasts


We stand behind our work. Our industry-leading 25-year workmanship warranty guarantees that your system’s design, assembly, and installation will be done correctly per manufacturers’ published instructions, National Electrical Code (NEC), and state and local electrical codes. Any defect in your system resulting from faulty workmanship will be fixed or replaced free of charge.


We stand behind our choices in equipment. For that reason, we also offer a 25-year replacement warranty. This means if any of the components we install (modules, inverters, or BOS) fail within 25 years of installation and the manufacturer’s warranty period as well, we will take care of the entire replacement process.

Maintenance Subscription

Please scroll to the bottom of our Products page to learn about our solar maintenance subscription. Cleaning your array is critical to ensuring your solar energy generation is at maximum capacity.

EV Charger Warranties

Residential: When you hire NWES to install an EV Charger at your place (garage, carport, or other, indoor or outdoor), we offer a special two-year warranty. We also purchase an additional insurance policy covering your car’s electrical system. We do this because we are confident in our installation, and we want you to feel confident charging your valuable vehicle. The manufacturer’s warranty varies by manufacturer.

Commercial: For Level 2 or DC Fast-charge installation at a commercial or public facility, NWES warranty is site and equipment-specific. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Electrical Warranties

All installed equipment and devices are guaranteed for one (1) year from the date of completion or per the manufacturer’s warranty. NWES liability shall be limited to the replacement of defective parts. Unless noted, prices quoted do not include required insurance, utility fees, permits, and inspection fees. If the customer disposes of the property by sale or otherwise before this contract has been fulfilled, the total unpaid amount of the contract shall become due and payable at once

Manufacturer Warranties

NWES strives to offer the best products to our customers. Below is a partial list of installed equipment. For more details on warranty terms and conditions, please visit the manufacturer’s website. Note: manufacturers’ warranties vary by purchase/install date.

Solar Edge Inverters

SolarEdge inverters come with a 12-year limited warranty, extendable (by the end-user) to 20 or 25 years online (within 12 months of installation). SolarEdge power optimizers have a 25-year limited warranty.

Tesla Battery Storage

Tesla warranties the Powerwall workmanship for ten (10) years and warranties the energy capacity to 70% at 10 years following installation.

Solaria Modules

Offers a 30-year warranty for parts, performance and labor associated with replacement of any modules. Your modules are guaranteed to be making a minimum of 86% of their listed power after 25 years.

LG Chem

warranties the LG RESU 10H for ten (10) years. 

Tesla EV Charging Equipment

Bosch Charging Stations


standard warranty is one year parts only when installed by a ChargePoint Certified Installer. Multiple User sites can purchase ChargePoint Assure for ongoing maintenance and software upgrades.

Clipper Creek

Three to five years, depends upon the model.

JuiceBox Pro

From eMotorworks: three years for the charger and one year for the plug (residential).


Find the three year warranty inside the installation manual

Schneider Electric EVLink

24 months.

Siemens’ VersiCharge

three years.