Another year in the right direction

At the start of the decade, the pandemic turned the world on its head. It proved to be a turning point for how we operate as a business in Washington. The renewable energy industry braced itself for supply chain issues and new expectations for handling customers and employees. Northwest Electric and Solar were able to meet these challenges and have the best years yet as a contractor in Washington! That is because we stuck to our values and focused on finding the ideal solution for our customers. Read on to see how we did!

The Solar Coaster

The Solar Coaster is a term that is very apt for most of the solar photovoltaics history as we know it. From technological advancements, supply chain issues, and government intervention, the industry has reached a point where the 2020s will be a defining decade. Over the last three years, NWES has deployed 5,240 kW of solar, which is two-thirds of the total capacity we’ve installed since our founding in 2011.

Solar supply chain

Overcoming supply chain issues that affected our lead times for our favorite solar panels, we embrace the challenge of meeting our customer’s expectations. We have found more modules that meet the aesthetic and production standard we’ve set for the PNW.

A boost in battery deployment

Battery Energy Storage Systems is one of the most affected markets in the renewable energy industry. With lead times averaging between 10-12 months going into 2022, thankfully, we have seen the rate of battery deliveries ramp up. We expect the lead times to shrink by 30-40% by the end of next year and by 50% into the mid-2020s.

More batteries, the better

We grew our battery backup offers to include Enphase IQ batteries for residential projects. Adding Enphase batteries allows us to provide full-service packages for Tesla and Enphase products. More quality options for homeowners to choose from will enable more battery backup systems storing Washington residents’ clean energy.

Solar + Storage, a match made in heaven

About half of the battery backup systems we installed in 2022 were purchased in 2021. Most of our battery customers already have solar or choose to move forward with a solar plus storage system. In the last three years, our solar + storage installations have ranked us at #10 in the U.S. for residential projects.

Charging up EVs

EV Chargers are empowering homeowners to use their electricity to move around town. With over 500 submissions between Spring through Fall, the push for EVs is astounding. Homeowners are making the switch sooner, given volatile gas prices and more options for future EV owners. We were thrilled to install the latest and greatest such as Rivian chargers and EV to Grid chargers for the Ford Lighting.

A new type of photovoltaics

This year, NWES began offering a new solar Photovoltaic technology for the Washington market. The solar roof, the two-in-one seamless roofing, and a solar experience that leaves behind a gorgeous roof produce heaps of energy.

Tesla Solar Roof

No new technology comes without hiccups or challenges to overcome. A solar roof is no exception, but we are determined to bring the same quality, service, and care as we do for our traditional PV projects. We have installed three projects since becoming certified by Tesla; next year, we anticipate even more Solar Roof projects as word gets out that homeowners can stand out from the rest through this remarkable technology.

Off-Grid projects

We made a case study for a job we worked on in the San Juan Islands earlier in the year. We’re so thankful for any project that comes our way out on the Island Counties. We know the energy there will be used and appreciated to the max! We installed a complete whole home off-grid system with a new solar inverter and battery combo designed for off-grid use. We are thrilled to offer off-grid systems next year and help more Washingtonians become independent from the grid!

Thank you!

None of our work would be possible if the residents of Washington didn’t believe in the opportunities that renewable energy technologies provide. From cleaning up our grid to saving money over the next 25+ years, we can feel good about the impact over the last three years alone! We appreciate each of you; without the PNW community, there would be no NWES, so here’s to another fantastic year of renewable energy for all of us to enjoy!

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Manuel Larrain
Manuel Larrain is a Chilean-born US citizen who studied business and sustainability at Western Washington University. Solar energy is his passion, as it is transforming how Washingtonians power their lifestyle. He believes we can address climate change, environmental justice, and steward a brighter future for all of us through renewable energy.