Scaling for success

Continuous developments and advances in technology are what make the solar and battery industry so exciting! Navigating supply chain issues and growing demand leads has led us to create more flexible workflows and to adopt the new technologies that best align with our values and mission.

Mission, Values, Vision


Our mission at Northwest Electric and Solar is to install the highest quality electrical, solar and intelligent home energy systems with top-of-the-line technology and customer service.


  • Local Involvement
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Expertise


To create the standard in quality electrical, solar and intelligent home energy ecosystems for off-grid and grid-tied installations.

Solar goals

More new homeowners are searching for solar solutions in the residential solar market than ever! Our goal in 2023 is to install 3.2 – 4 MW of solar. Our most ambitious year yet, but with internal best practices in place and a new workaround for supply chain issues, we can continue providing the best available equipment. Roadblocks along the way would be large-scale geopolitical disruptions of overseas solar panel supplies. Even then, these situations will be less prevalent in the future as U.S. solar panel and equipment manufacturing ramps up.

Battery goals

Battery backup for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects will be the key to ensuring the U.S. and nations around the globe meet their renewable energy targets. For NWES, we want to carry on as the #1 installer for residential solar + battery systems, which means we will want to install 2 MWh of battery capacity in 2023. As we install more Tesla Solar Roofs that allow homeowners to jump the queue for Powerwall batteries, we will see that adoption for energy storage systems remains high. We’ll be working hard to meet the demand.

2023 Renewable Energy Outlook

Renewable energy technologies such as solar, battery storage, and wind are continuing to eat away at the fossil fuel and natural gas mix of the U.S. Globally, solar energy will reach a terawatt of a generation that is enough to power 200,000 homes! We’re one year closer to achieving 100% clean energy in Washington state, and in two years, coal-generated electricity will stop serving Washington utility customers. Dive into the facts that make 2023 another exciting year for renewable energy!

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Manuel Larrain
Manuel Larrain is a Chilean-born US citizen who studied business and sustainability at Western Washington University. Solar energy is his passion, as it is transforming how Washingtonians power their lifestyle. He believes we can address climate change, environmental justice, and steward a brighter future for all of us through renewable energy.