Solar Panel Installation in Peninsula Light Territory

Peninsula Light Co. offers Net Metering and Renewable Energy Credit to customers who generate their electricity. This apply to solar energy systems of 100 kilowatts (kw) or less in generating capacity.

About Peninsula Light Co.

Peninsula Light Company, often called PenLight, is a member-owned electric cooperative based in Gig Harbor, Washington. Founded in 1925, it serves over 35,000 members across the Key Peninsula and surrounding areas, providing reliable electricity and water services. PenLight is dedicated to community engagement, sustainable energy solutions, and maintaining affordable rates. The company emphasizes safety, innovation, and exceptional customer service, striving to enhance its members’ quality of life and support local communities’ growth.

Renewable energy with PenLight

Despite its reputation for cloudy weather, Washington enjoys significant sunlight, particularly in the summer months, making solar energy a viable option. PenLight’s net-metering program allows residents to build energy credits during sunny periods and use them in darker months. Solar panels operate efficiently in the cooler summer weather, generating more power than in hotter climates and still collecting energy on cloudy days. While areas like Gig Harbor and Portland may not match the solar output of southwestern states, they still produce enough to make solar energy financially and environmentally beneficial. Additionally, Washington offers various incentives for solar energy, including cash rewards for the power generated.

Solar Panel Incentives with PenLight

Federal incentives for solar panel systems for Tacoma Power customers include the Investment Tax Credit, a 30% tax credit for solar energy systems. In Washington State, solar energy systems are sales tax exempt.

Net Metering with PenLight

PenLight’s Net-Metering Interconnection Policy requires members to submit an Interconnection Agreement and Application, a Solar One Line diagram, and component cut-sheets before connecting their renewable energy systems to the grid. Systems larger than 100 kW or with battery backup undergo additional review by the Operations Department, potentially extending the approval process. After application approval, members can install their systems. Once the final L&I permit is obtained, PenLight will install the necessary Net and production meters to complete the interconnection.