Rural Solar Deployment in Washington

In the vast landscapes of rural Washington, where the heartbeat of agriculture and small-town living thrive, a quiet revolution is underway. The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), a flagship grant of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is illuminating the possibilities of a sustainable future for businesses, farms, and towns by harnessing solar energy systems.


The USDA established the REAP grant to address the unique energy challenges faced by rural communities; the REAP program aims for renewable energy development by covering up to 50% of your solar energy system cost. Solar energy is a proven way to increase energy resiliency, reduce energy-related expenses, and help Washington meet its renewable energy. Plus, more local green energy generation means less fossil fuels are burned to create electricity, improving air and water quality state-wide.

Eligible REAP Candidates:

Agricultural Producers

Farmers engaged in agricultural production, including crop and livestock farming, can apply for REAP grants and loans. This encompasses both small and mid-sized agricultural operations. There is no geographic restrictions for agricultural producer eligibility under the REAP program.

Rural Small Businesses

Small businesses in rural areas, such as local stores and service providers, are encouraged to participate. The program aims to enhance the energy independence of these businesses and promote their sustainability while reducing operating expenses.

Preparing to Apply for REAP Funding

For those meeting the eligibility criteria, the REAP application process involves several key steps; we break down the information we will provide and what you need to collect as the grant recipient.

Information from REAP Applicant

Basic information from your organization needs to be collected and submitted. Having 12 months of energy bills and proof of matching funds is vital to jumpstart the application process. Other information required for submission is documentation related to the lease, deed, proof of property ownership, and three years of tax returns, if applicable.

Apply to is the System for Award Management, a platform managed by the U.S. government. It’s where businesses register to do business with the federal government, manage their information, and find federal contracts and grants. As a potential REAP grant recipient, you must register your business with

Information from the Installer

The key pieces of information from us to help get things started when applying for the REAP grant include:

  • The solar energy system proposal.
  • Energy generation report.
  • The overhead map of the property.

Additional information required later in the process are site photos, equipment datasheets, an agreed rate schedule, and a sample interconnection agreement. 

REAP Grant Writing Assistance and Installation

Northwest Electric and Solar is supporting the adoption of solar energy systems across Washington. Beyond our turnkey renewable energy services, we also offer grant writing assistance to help you win REAP grants. Contact us today to get your solar proposal and technical details and help with applying so you can energize your farm or rural business with solar energy!

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Manuel Larrain
Manuel Larrain is a Chilean-born US citizen who studied business and sustainability at Western Washington University. Solar energy is his passion, as it is transforming how Washingtonians power their lifestyle. He believes we can address climate change, environmental justice, and steward a brighter future for all of us through renewable energy.