Steward A Brighter Future With Solar

Welcome to Northwest Electric and Solar, your trusted solar experts in Washington State! Are you ready to harness the sun’s power and transform your home or business into an energy-efficient powerhouse? Look no further! As a leading solar contractor in Washington State, we specialize in designing and installing state-of-the-art solar panel systems to help you save on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future.

NWES is an NABCEP-accredited company!

Northwest Electric and Solar (NWES) continuously seeks to improve our electrical and energy contractor skills and expertise. We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by investing in our staff. Training and helping our employees become NABCEP board-certified increases their confidence in their abilities to serve you! We are thrilled to announce that we are the first company in Washington and one of 10 in the USA to be NABCEP accredited.

Our Values Rooted In Quality And Service

Founded in 2011 by Master Electrician Derek White, Northwest Electric and Solar is driven by setting the standard for excellence. With our team of experienced and certified solar professionals, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to exceptional customer service, we dedicate every day to providing you with the highest quality solar solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Washington Energy Freedom isn't Free!

Another year of electrical utility rates increases means more financial burdens to account for electrical customers across Washington. Owning solar is your way of fixing your electricity costs and to hedge against rising electricity rates. Learn more about 2024’s utility rate hikes in our latest report!

Our Suite Of Renewable Energy and Electrical Services

We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for powering your world sustainably with renewable energy technologies. Look no further if you want to learn how to become independent from the grid and take control of how you use, store, and generate electricity!

Washington Solar Education and Resources

Play with an Interactive Home Energy Management System to learn how all our services connect to your home and where they reside. We want you to know as much as possible and be excited about installing renewable energy technologies in your home. Read through our several news & knowledge articles and brush up on the latest equipment spec sheets and warranties. Education is your key to unlocking energy independence in Washington!

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Incentives for
NWES Services

Incentives for our services range from a 30% Income Tax Credit for solar and battery systems to electrical panel and EV rebates and more! Learn about all the savings ready for you here. 

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Got a question? We have the answers! Look at our exhaustive FAQ list, culled from years of customer questions and concerns. 


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