Solar Panel Installation in SCL Territory

All solar installations that connect to the Seattle City Light (SCL) power grid must have an Interconnection Agreement. Suppose you install a solar energy system with net metering and generate more electricity than you consume. In that case, City Light will credit your electric bill for every kWh of electricity returned to the power grid. Excess generation occurs when a solar energy system generates more kWh of electricity than a home consumes. This is measured in real-time by a City Light billing meter.

Net Metering with SCL

If your solar system is up to 100 kW, our Net Metering program provides kWh credits on your bill for the energy you produce. These credits are valued at your retail rate of electricity. Any solar energy you generate that isn’t immediately needed by your home goes back onto City Light’s grid and is added to your account’s net meter kWh credit balance, lowering your future bills.

Meter Aggregation

If you meet the requirements, you might be eligible for net meter aggregation, enabling you to distribute surplus electricity to an extra City Light billing meter. This additional meter must be registered under the same account name and situated on the same property or an adjacent parcel. By sharing excess generation, you can lower utility bills on a meter not directly supported by your solar energy system.

When is solar right for you as an SCL customer?

Solar energy can be an excellent choice if you own your home and have an appropriate, shade-free area for solar modules, such as a well-maintained roof. It offers the opportunity for a long-term investment, allowing you to generate renewable energy and reduce your electricity bill. When considering solar, it’s essential to consider your electricity usage and whether you aim to produce a portion or all of your power, as this will influence the system size you require. Understanding the solar exposure to your South, East, and West facing roof spaces will determine the solar energy capacity on your roof.

Solar Incentives and SCL

Federal incentives for solar panel systems for Seattle City Light customers include the Investment Tax Credit, a 30% tax credit for solar energy systems. In Washington State, solar energy systems are sales tax exempt.