Thank you for choosing NWES

We are so excited to be a part of your renewable energy home improvements, rest assured that we’ll be with you throughout the entirety of your systems life with our 25-year workmanship warranty!

Referral program details

We offer a referral program for residential solar systems in Washington State. It is $100 per kW, up to $1,000. So, if you refer a friend and they buy a 7kW system from us, we will give you $700.

How to apply your referral program bonus

The friend or family member you refer needs to select “Referral” in the “How did you hear about us?” question of the Estimate Form. Then you will be prompted to put the name of the person that referred them to NWES, and hopefully, that person is you! We’ll take care of the rest from here! When they go solar, and the system is operational and paid for, we’ll cut a check and mail it to your home.

Home Energy Management Systems

Thank you again for choosing us for your home energy upgrades. Remember that to maximize your electricity usage, generation, or storage; we recommend acquiring each piece that allows you to control each aspect of your electricity and create a home energy management system.

For example, you can pair solar with batteries to charge your batteries and utilize solar power during power outages. Install solar after getting an EV charger so you can charge your car for free! With a Span smart electrical panel, you can easily integrate solar and battery to manage your electricity, usage, storage, and generation from one app!

We are here to help you achieve energy independence and future-proof your home! Thank you.