Incentive Increase Available Now

With the Inflation Reduction Act becoming a reality, homeowners and businesses can take advantage of a 30% investment tax credit on solar or battery storage systems over the next ten years! Even better, non-profit and governmental organizations can receive the credit directly as a check instead of a tax credit the following year, making the savings immediate! We review the benefits of utilizing solar and battery systems together and the means to achieve a Home Energy Management System in this week’s blog! 

Overview of Solar + Storage

Pairing solar with a battery as a homeowner in WA unlocks your PV system for use during grid outages. As we explained in our previous blog about pairing solar with battery, solar shuts down whenever the grid goes out. There is no battery source to store excess energy to protect utility workers from electrocution. This effect is called islanding, and it is required to install solar PV systems registered under net metering with rapid shutdown capabilities. Enphase and SolarEdge systems come ready with technology that senses when the grid goes down and automatically stops sending excess energy to the grid.

Why utilize energy storage in WA?

With the grid functioning as a giant storage system for your excess energy credits, why use a battery? As stated earlier, you can utilize your solar PV during a grid outage with battery storage. With an energy storage system or ESS, the solar energy generated by the PV system on your property will have a place to send the excess energy while utility workers are repairing the electricity lines. Not only are you maximizing the time you can utilize the power your PV system is generating, but you are also creating an independent energy management system.

Creating a Home Energy Management System

With solar and battery paired together, you can effectively get “off-the-grid” since you can use your solar PV energy when the grid is down. With energy storage, you can supplement any power you make through solar to meet the demand from your household loads.

Energy Generation

With Solar PV installed on your property or atop your home, you can now generate the very means to energize your home living. With monitoring, you can observe how the weather affects your daily production. At the same time, your electricity bills will show the credits accrued for the year to date.

Energy Storage

The keystone equipment that allows your solar energy to be used at times while the grid is out is battery storage. Back up your electricity without a noisy and dirty generator and interface with your storage system via a mobile app.

Energy Usage

The electrical panel is the hub where all the home’s electric loads are controlled and managed. This is where your meter connects to your loads and reads your electricity usage. With SPAN, managing loads is easier than ever via mobile app, and comes solar and battery ready! Click here to learn more.

Electrifying your world

With the High-Efficiency Energy Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA) in effect, incentivizing energy efficiency through rebates is aimed at quickening the pace at which homeowners electrify their homes; saving money and our environment. Understanding and utilizing technology that will help you manage your electricity is more important than ever from energy-efficient appliances and upgrades to generating and storing electricity. 

Future-proof with NWES

NWES can help you achieve energy independence through our electrical, solar, and battery services. From installing equipment that will help you use your electricity better, such as EV Chargers or smart panels, to solar energy generation and battery storage. We got you covered because it’s in the best interest of our community and environment to electrify our world! 

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Manuel Larrain
Manuel Larrain is a Chilean-born US citizen who studied business and sustainability at Western Washington University. Solar energy is his passion, as it is transforming how Washingtonians power their lifestyle. He believes we can address climate change, environmental justice, and steward a brighter future for all of us through renewable energy.