Energize Your Future With Solar Panels

Electricity generated by solar panels is the cheapest available source of clean energy today. Dive into what makes our selection of Made in Washington and Made in America solar panels the best choice for your home or business!

Washington Summers Are Made for Solar Energy

Unlock the power of solar energy in Washington with the incredible solar incentive known as Net Metering! Washington State is an ideal location for solar, especially during our long summer days. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you generate 100 kWh of electricity on a sunny day but only use 50 kWh. The surplus 50 kWh is sent back to the grid, earning you credits on your utility bill. These credits become a valuable resource when you need electricity during non-sunny periods, like at night or on cloudy days. It’s like having an energy bank, building up credits in the sunny summers to utilize during the darker winter days. Discover more about the wonders of Net Metering and how it’s empowering Washingtonians to save hundreds of dollars a month by clicking the button below! Join the green revolution and maximize your energy savings today!

Solar Panels vs. Solar Modules

We’re familiar with using the term solar panel for the rectangle of photovoltaic technology installed on your roof to produce electricity. Although, technically, what we’re referring to is a solar module. What helps us differentiate the terms is starting with the smallest component of the solar module, the solar cell. There are between 60 – 72 solar cells that make up a solar module; next, installing solar modules together makes up a solar panel (group of solar modules), and then the entire set of solar panels on a roof can be referred to as the solar array or solar energy system. Please review this graphic the Department of Energy created for a visual representation. Rest assured, we will understand what you mean if you use solar panels instead of solar modules, and we even say panels instead of modules, too!

Made in Washington and USA Solar Panels

We’re a proud partner in helping Washington meet its clean energy goals as mandated through the Clean Energy Transformation Act.  We believe in using Made-in-Washington and Made-in-USA solar panels to support the US solar manufacturing industry and onshoring American jobs. Here are our top three options for solar panel products manufactured in Washington and nationwide.

Made in Washington Solar Panel

Silfab Solar

Silfab solar panels are manufactured in Bellingham, which is originally the same site where Itek solar modules were made. After being bought out by Silfab Solar, the Bellingham and new Burlington manufacturing sites are still in use, creating high-quality solar panels with a 25-year product workmanship and a 30-year linear performance warranty. Rest assured that these locally made solar panels will help you save on your electricity bills for decades!

Home Solar

QCell Solar

Qcells manages the most extensive solar module facility in the United States, situated in Dalton, Georgia. In January 2023, Qcells revealed the most substantial investment in U.S. solar history, aiming to establish a comprehensive and eco-friendly solar supply chain. As a result of this announcement, Qcells is projected to achieve a production capacity of 8.4 GW by 2024, generating 4,000 jobs in the clean energy sector. Moreover, between Qcell and Silfab, together possess around two-thirds of the market share of solar panels installed in Washington. Their high-quality, cost-effective, and 25-year warranty solar panel is a few of the many reasons we offer Qcell solar panels to Washingtonians.


REC Solar

REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy company dedicated to empowering homeowners, businesses, and utilities with clean, affordable solar power to facilitate global energy transitions. Learn more about our innovative solar manufacturing technology behind the award-winning REC Alpha solar panel.

Washington Solar Panel Technical Dive

Learn about the technical features of the solar panels we use to see how we determine a quality product for use in Washington. Between mitigating losses due to shading and retaining high-power production in the later stages of the solar panel’s lifecycle. We’ve crafted this blog about what makes solar panels good so that our Washington customers can feel that they are getting a quality product for their home or business.

Finding Your Washington Solar Panel Solution

One of Northwest Electric and Solar’s key values is education. Solar energy systems are a big purchase and a bigger step towards energy independence, and we understand that every home and business has different needs that require a customized approach. We are always available for a conversation to discuss how your Washington home or business can benefit from installing solar panels; we can even schedule a meeting at our office in Kenmore so you can see the solar panels in action! Learn something new about your solar energy potential through our no-pressure solar process and request a quote with a few easy steps!