Energy Management Made Easy

Knowing where and when your electricity consumption occurs at home is the first step to being more energy efficient. For example, you can manually calculate the average time your lights are on and multiply it by the number of bulbs that are used and by their wattage…no thank you. Or install commercially available consumption monitoring clamps to read the electricity from your main panel’s service conductors and hope that it ‘learns’ what each breaker in your panel is and uses. Or, you can replace your ‘dumb panel’ with a smart electrical panel, SPAN Panel, and turn your house into a smart home with total home energy management from the palm of your hand.

SPAN The Key to Energy-Efficiency Savings

With a smart thermostat, the Department of Energy determined that homeowners can save 10% on electricity costs for heating and cooling their homes. The smart thermostat is just one smart appliance on one regular circuit in your electrical panel. Now imagine if you had 32 of these in your house. That’s like having SPAN, which has 32 controllable circuits. SPAN is a diagnostics tool to identify circuits and appliances using far more energy than previously known. Depending on your utility rate and tariffs, you can schedule your EV Charger to charge during the cheapest times. SPAN gives homeowners the data to improve the efficiency of their homes, which is typically the largest purchase most people will make in their lives – and relatedly uses more energy than anything else in our lives.

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From Vivint Smart Home and a study conducted by Fraunhofer Institute, “There are lots of things that go into making a smart home smart, from automation to smart devices to controlling devices remotely. Not only does this make life easier in general, but it also helps you save energy and money; smart homes use an estimated 30-40% less energy on average.”

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SPAN's Role in Enabling Renewable Energy Technology

With a SPAN panel, you can streamline renewable energy technology integrations into your home, avoid costly main panel upgrades, and gain unparalleled energy visibility. Plug-and-play installation capabilities for EV charging, solar, and battery storage will grant you the electrification staples to manage how you use, store, and generate electricity.

Over-the-Air Updates; Continuous Improvements

Currently, SPAN is in its second generation; pictured to your left is the previous design. Beyond a lighter and easier-to-install product with an increase of the max amperage per branch circuit increased from 70A to 90A, SPAN owners can expect over-the-air (OTA) updates to improve their capabilities. An upcoming update for EV drivers that own solar and charge with SPAN Drive will allow you to ensure that the solar energy you generate charges the car; you’ll be able to drive on sunshine!

Boosting Your Battery Storage by Pairing SPAN

The primary headache with backing up your home with battery storage is using a critical loads panel to pick what home loads you want to back up, leaving the rest of the circuits to power off during an outage. With SPAN, you can virtually manage your ‘critical loads’ and load shed as your battery capacity is consumed, prolonging your power backup. On average, SPAN paired with battery storage increases battery duration during outages by 40%!

SPAN and FranklinWH $1,000 Rebate!

To celebrate the recent compatibility update between FranklinWH and SPAN, you can get $1,000 back in a rebate, $500 from each company. This rebate is available only until September 30th, so if you have been keen on backing up your power with batteries and gaining unprecedented energy management through SPAN, you can do so with us today! All SPAN and FranklinWH battery systems purchased before 9/30 will qualify when installed by 10/31. You’ll receive the rebate once the system completes commissioning. Take control of your electricity needs and choose to pair SPAN with FranklinWH batteries! Get your free estimate now through the button below.

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Manuel Larrain
Manuel Larrain is a Chilean-born US citizen who studied business and sustainability at Western Washington University. Solar energy is his passion, as it is transforming how Washingtonians power their lifestyle. He believes we can address climate change, environmental justice, and steward a brighter future for all of us through renewable energy.