Modernizing your electrical panel

All homes, including those built this year, use old, 100-year electrical panel technology to power each load in the house. This means there is little opportunity for managing and monitoring your home’s electrical consumption. Now a holistic solution is available to homeowners when considering a main panel upgrade (MPU), the SPAN smart electrical panel!

Preparing for electrification

SPAN represents a holistic solution to American homeowners’ goals to go all-electric. With monitoring and controls for every circuit, compatibility with all standard breakers, and an internet-connected gateway for wireless communication. SPAN owners can remotely manage, learn, and optimize their home’s electricity usage.

Learn more with SPAN

As they say, knowledge is power, and with SPAN, you can access incredible data about how your home uses electricity. Plus, SPANs integrated AI software will learn how you and your home consume electricity and generate alerts in case of abnormal behavior, like your fridge using more energy than usual. You can service your appliances when they malfunction and reduce the risk of consuming more electricity than needed.

Unlocking full-home battery backup

With SPAN, you can finally achieve full home backup with unique features unavailable through battery energy storage systems alone. With load management capabilities, you can preset what you want to keep on during power outages. Typically, through battery backup, you must select a few critical loads and hardwire them into a critical loads panel, making you choose what you need during outages with no ability to change them later.

Maximizing battery storage capacity

Because you can preset and change what loads stay on when the grid goes down in real time, you can increase your battery storage capacity by 40%! A robust solution to outages that are growing in frequency and duration. In 2020, over 25 million Americans experienced outages for 15 hours or more.

When to get SPAN?

Need a Main Panel Upgrade

You’ve maxed out your old 100A panel and need a new 200A panel with more slots and capacity to run new electric appliances like induction stoves and heat pumps and install renewable energy technologies like solar and battery.

Want to maximize battery storage capacity

As mentioned earlier, you can do more with less with SPAN. You can buy fewer batteries and achieve more backup capabilities with a smart panel that costs less than one more battery.

To understand your energy usage patterns

Through the SPANs mobile app, you can view how energy flows through your house. If you have solar, you can see how self-sufficient you were for the day and see which rooms in your home draw the most power to identify where to install more efficient lights and appliances!

Solar + Storage Customers

Your energy management tool is here! With SPAN, you can integrate solar and battery to manage your energy generation and storage systems in one place. Monitor daily energy production to your consumption, and if the grid goes down, you can see time duration estimates for your batteries change as you turn loads off, the sun comes up, and you need to back up different circuits.

Technology Enthusiasts

With free over-the-air updates, your SPAN will continue to deliver and improve its services. More battery storage brands are becoming integrated with SPANs software which means more options for you. Take control of every circuit with a real-time virtual load panel. You can modernize your home’s electrical infrastructure and own a true 21st-century all-electric home!

Charging with SPAN Drive

Charging at home at the fastest rate means using two breaker slots and up to 60 amps in your electrical panel. For most homes, this is impossible due to space being taken electrically from other appliances or insufficient room for a two-pole breaker which means an expensive and lengthy service upgrade is required for charging at home. With SPAN drive, you can avoid the service upgrade and charge at 48 amps of power, and it is compatible with all EV models, including Tesla.

Prepare for Electrification!

Homeowners across America are electrifying to live more comfortable, sustainable lives that save them money yearly! Learn how to use SPAN and electrify your home to help fight climate change and save money. Download the eBook below or read through the Electrify Washington blog series!

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Manuel Larrain
Manuel Larrain is a Chilean-born US citizen who studied business and sustainability at Western Washington University. Solar energy is his passion, as it is transforming how Washingtonians power their lifestyle. He believes we can address climate change, environmental justice, and steward a brighter future for all of us through renewable energy.