Solarize Washington

Washingtonians have been taking the energy revolution by storm! As of June 2023, solar energy accounts for 0.55% of the electricity generated in Washington state. If we are going to meet the goals set by the Clean Energy Transformation Act, we have much more work to do. There are only six more years until all Electric Utilities in Washington are mandated to be carbon Neutral.

What is a Solarize Campaign?

Solarize is a group purchasing model used throughout the country to reduce costs and simplify the solar installation process. Combining demand saves local solar installers time and energy and lets them purchase equipment in bulk – saving you money. Solarize campaigns spur communities, counties, or cities into adopting solar energy with 10-20% group discounts. Installing solar is made simple during the Solarize campaign since the process is standardized and the city or community vets the installers they are working with.

Steps to Go Solar in a Washington Solarize Campaign

1. Site Assessment

Site assessments today are done remotely through Aurora’s remote modeling software, which boasts high-accuracy solar assessments backed by years of data for energy production reports. With Aurora, assessing your home’s solar potential is safe and effective.

2. Free Estimate

Expect to get a preliminary proposal within 48 hours of contacting us for a solar bid. You can help us increase the accuracy of your free estimate by providing the latest copy of your power bill. In your free estimate, you will find information about your solar energy, such as:

System size and cost in $/watt

Labor and Equipment Warranty

Federal and State Incentives

Solar Energy System Equipment and Spec Sheets

Billing Cycle and Going Solar Process

System Performance

Annual Energy Offset Percentage

Cash and Financing Options

Return on Investment in Years

And a bio of your solar sales tech!

3. Sign Your Contract

When you feel great about the proposed solar energy system and want to move forward with Solarizing your home, you must sign a contract and pay the 10% deposit to set the solar process in motion! Paying the 10% deposit and signing the contract will trigger the final project review. Once the review is complete (and any changes addressed, if any), the remaining 60% of the deposit is due to order materials and schedule the installation. Once the installation passes the final inspection, you will need to pay the final 30% deposit to finalize the Net Metering documents with your utility!

4. Generate Solar Energy and Save!

Installation day, for most solar energy systems in a Solarize campaign, is a two to three-day install at most, with a final day reserved for the inspection. Depending on your utility, you may need to wait for the utility to swap out your meter for a bi-directional meter, which may take between 10-20 days. Warning: you mustn’t turn your System on before your old meter is swapped with a new one so you avoid charges to your bill from the energy you produce!

Past Washington Solarize Campaigns

Solarize Bellevue

Northwest Electric and Solar participated in the second iteration of Solarize Bellevue. It was a great success, with 57 homes installing solar energy systems for 342kW of solar energy capacity plugged into the grid, saving homeowners money! At the end of the Solarize campaign, we donated a 3.51 kW system to the Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue.

Solarize Kirkland

In Kirkland, Northwest Electric and Solar partnered with the city and citizens to Solarize 65 homes for 388kW of solar! These homes are still producing heaps of solar energy seven years later. At the wrap of the Solarize Kirkland campaign, we donated a 3.36kW solar array to the Friend of Youth. Through community funding a 4.46kW expansion was added for a total solar energy system size of 6.72kW.

Start Your Solar Journey Today!

The more you learn about solar and other renewable energy products like battery backup, EV charging, and SPAN smart panels, the better you can plan for home energy upgrades! No need to wait for a Solarize campaign to learn about the benefits awaiting you from installing solar energy systems. Reach out today for a free estimate and consultation so you can be excited about owning your power and becoming independent from the grid and utility rate hikes.