Innovating through technology

To effectively and safely scale our solar installations, NWES is deploying drones to gather precise data about your homes and businesses. We have a team of skilled FAA Part 107 pilots leveraging drone technology to gather information and document the experience of going solar! Keep reading to learn more about or pilots and photography package.

Drone Pilots

Here are our current FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots. Manuel, Carlo, and Josh take care of completing assessments and taking photos of our installations and the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Giancarlo Angulo

Drone Pilot & PM

Manuel Larrain

Drone Pilot & Marketing

Josh Peck

Drone Pilot & PM

Drone Photography

What’s better than installing and deploying renewable energy technologies? We can capture them with our drone cameras to share with our customers and their friends and families!

We offer our photography services to capture the finalized product with all of our solar installations. A gorgeous, clean energy-generating machine that is here to last, and we want you to be able to see it from the birds-eye-view and share it with anyone and everyone! A $500 package for our customers at NO COST.

If you want more photos of your property, please fill out our Drone Photography Form below, and we’ll get in touch!

Images Captured Via Drone

We range between 10-30 photos and a couple of videos of your solar PV array and property when we come out. We will mix it up by using video and time-lapse features on our drone so you can have all angles and media types to take home.

Still Photos

Shots include top-down, high, and low angled photos from each extremity of your property and close-ups that accentuate your solar array and surroundings.


Our pilots will capture at least one video, a 360-degree flight taken around your home taken in video format so that you can see all angles of your home! While not always possible, fly-by shots and zoom-outs provide different perspectives of how your home looks from above!


A time-lapse is a series of photos taken over five to ten minutes and stitched into a video so you can see how your surroundings and the weather move around your home and solar array!